Francisco Tenllado – Art Photography


Francisco Javier Tenllado, born in Córdoba, Argentina on December 3, 1959.

From an early age, says attitudes to painting and drawing, having studied in renowned art schools. At age 15 he joined the Photographic Association of Córdoba.
In 1982 received the title of Expert in Photography by CONET (National Council of Technical Education).
In 1992 participates in Television Production Courses, by Maria Herminia Avellaneda in SRT (U.N.C) National University of Córdoba (September 1992).( Cba., Argentina ).
In 1993, received a Diploma in Multimedia Universidad Blas Pascal (UBP) July 1993 ( Cba., Argentina).
From there began a long and fruitful artistic photographic career and led him to perform with in sponsorship of the FAF (FIAP) the " First Exhibition of Digital Photography" in Argentina, August 1994.
Years after receiving the degree in “Journalism and Television”, at the Colegio Universitario de Periodismo ( CUP ) (Argentina, April 2001).
Later, the title in “Radio and Television” at the University of Journalism and Social Science " Obispo Trejo y Sanabria ). (Argentina, October 2001).
Is an International Expert in Legal Valuations ( ASOPER , Spain ).
Subsequently obtained the title of “Professional Master in Digital Photography”, ( INESEM Spain ) member of the Postgraduate Training Center, and Euroinnova in relation to the International Commision on Education of University of Granada, ( Spain ). Besides many training courses and workshops in photography.
Today was designated “Honorary Member” of the “Circulo de Jurados de Arte y Fotografía” (Cba. – Argentina)., and member of the " American Photography Association".
He has exhibited in numerous art sites, and in group shows with the best photographers from Argentina, Pedro Luis Raota, Pedro Otero, Osvaldo Salzamendi, Ataulfo Perez Aznar, Ruben Sotera, Alicia Sanguinetti and others.
He owns a distinctive and unique style, highlighting his photographic work by the great visual sense and artistic compositions.


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